Borneo Rainforest Vanilla
Sarawak's First Accredited Vanilla Nursery

Our Goal 

  1. To make all our farms – Everland Eco-Farm, Tatan Mid-valley and Sabaan Valley – models for GAP and for the production of highest quality vanilla, stevia and Aquilaria trees in Malaysia;

  2. To be the expert in the cultivation, processing and development of downstream products in all three niche crops in the country through constant research, innovativeness and search for scientific knowledge;

  3. To contribute significantly towards making Sarawak a major contributor in the goal of making Malaysia a global player in the vanilla industry by 2015;

  4. To contribute towards uplifting the economy of poor rural farmers in the State of Sarawak through the cultivation of vanilla and other compatible niche crops; and

  5. Help Sarawak to diversify its agricultural economic base.