Borneo Rainforest Vanilla
Sarawak's First Accredited Vanilla Nursery

Support Services

BRVSB services to our client are not confined to the production and sale of vanilla seedlings. In order to ensure our farming partners succeed, grow and share with us the economic benefits from cultivating this crop, we provide them with the following support services:

a)      We conduct seminars, workshops and practical hands-on on-site technical and field education on the correct methods of cultivation, maintenance and care for crops including vanilla;


a)      Periodic monitoring and follow-up advisory and supervisory supports so that they grow healthy vanilla plants which produce healthy, bountiful and high quality pods fetching the highest market price.


       Consultancy Services

 Our consultancy services also include:

1. Land suitability assessment inspection, evaluation and report;

2. Supervisory and advisory services;

3. Supply of recommended organic fertilizers and pesticide;

4. Establishment of vanilla farm either under the develop-and-handover;                       

    develop-and-management concept; and farm management.